Renewable clean green energy products for residential and commercial applications

Reducing fossil fuel consumption and environmental impact through exciting, new and practical, advanced, turn-key energy solutions.


Beneath its elegant design is a remarkably intelligent system fully integrated with smart features that make Smartflower up to 40% more efficient in energy production.

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PowerBox Mini 1500

Powerbox on the go.

Powerbox Mini 1500

PowerBox Mini 2500

Even more Powerbox to go.

Powerbox Mini 2500


Powerbox combines the functions of inverter, solar charger and battery charger, offering uninterruptible portable power.

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BriteBin Solar Garbage Collection System


BriteBin™ Solar is a sealed self-contained unit, with zero running costs due to the integrated solar panel, and a bin-fill sensor that monitors litter levels.

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IR Heating Panel

IR Heating Panels

Working in the same way that the sun does, panels supply radiant heat that travels directly to objects and people.

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Stellar solar bench charging point

Stellar Solar Bench

The Stellar Bench is a versatile outdoor bench that offers USB mobile device charging under waterproof cover at each end. It utilises solar energy and battery system without the need for any electricity.

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Stellar Solar Smart Bench
Steora Solar Cyclo Bench

Steora Solar Bench

The impetus that sparked the inevitable global debate between scooters and smartphones as to which would benefit most from its use.

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SolarEye SE80

SolarEye Lighting

SolarEye80 gently illuminates, defines, and delineates bidirectional traffic on roads, cycle paths and foot paths the world over.

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SolarEye solar lights

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