Introducing a solution that finally resolves a number of age-old problems.

The BriteBin foot-operated door cuts down virtually all proximal littering, as the act of operating the door is a binary choice, making the unit immune to amateur dunkers, tenacious vermin, high wind and tipping, accidental or otherwise.

The dome top of poly-carbonate that houses the built in solar panel is 200 times stronger than glass and UV protected. This eliminates the ability to leave litter on top of the bin.

BriteBin Solar Garbage Collection System

Reduce costs. Reduce emissions.

Compact the volume of ten standard bins into one and so save collection costs and emissions by a factor of ten.

BriteBin cutaway

The BriteBin™ platform is updated each time litter is deposited.

The BriteBin™ features an integrated infrared sensor which takes a fill level reading every three seconds. This allows for the bin to be monitored in real time twenty-four hours a day. An automated alert system is in place to indicate any errors that may occur, eg. the service door has been left open.

The bin-fill sensor monitors litter levels within the solar street bin, and the cloud-based BriteBin™ software generates an email/text alert when the bin is full and requires service. This capability increases litter collection efficiency as resources can be directed towards bins requiring service rather collecting bins irrespective of the volume of waste they contain as is the current practice.

The stored energy in the BriteBin unit is also used to power the onboard Wi-Fi allowing data collecting and reporting.

A society which cares about health, safety, and cleanliness needs to recognize the inherent problems that come with open garbage collection bins.

BriteBin on location

Standard garbage bins no longer have a place in modern society.

With no control over what the public disposes, a collection system demands that it at least be enclosed, protecting the health and wellness of animals, children and even the less fortunate, each of whom may search the contents of an open container, potentially harming themselves and spreading garbage around the environment. It can become unsightly, undignified and expensive to maintain.

Outdated garbage collection

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