Solar powered lights illuminating roads and paths the world over.

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Maintenance-free, tough as nails, and a great deal.

If you need lighting in tough-to-reach places, or far from the network, or simply working with a budget, the best lighting choice you have is a solar powered lighting solution that’s quick and cheap to install with minimal disruption or damage to the environment.



High-impact engineering-grade polymer

Light Source

LED (100,000hrs life)


Long life LFP battery (approx. 8+ yrs)

Working Temperature

-20° to +70°

Body Dimensions

80mm diameter

Installed Height

6mm nominal

Milling Depth




Fixing Adhesive

2 component epoxy adhesive

Working Time

Flashing 400+ hrs / Steady 200+ hrs

Flash Rate

1 sec. on / 1 sec. off

High Visibility

Up to 500m

For environmentally sensitive areas, our revolutionary new optional Bat Hat filter protects nocturnal animals from 98% in vertical light spillage, which can influence animal movement and feeding habits.

Contrary to popular belief, bats rely mostly on their vision to source food. While they do implement echolocation, they map it against their visual input, and in the case of a contradiction in input information between the two sources, they turn to the signal provided by their vision to make decisions.

Additionally, bat eyes are rod-based and as such are sensitive to UV signals, a portion of the light spectrum found in street lights. The SolarEye80 uses LED which is environmentally friendly, and the addition of the Bat Hat reduces environmental impact to virtually zero.

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